Remember when Chris said: “a lot of fans think that Glee is a documentary - but it’s not. It is not a documentary!”
Then Ian Said:
"We steal from the cast. We take their stories & put that into their characters."
Agree or don’t - but these past two weeks have gotten just a little too close to reality for me
The intensity and realism and parallels
Yes - I admit openly I look for these things - but I am also seldom wrong when I listen to my instincts and gut feelings
Last week’s episode:
I get so many - as do so many I follow: “why does Chris this….. Or why would Chris even bother…… Or It doesn’t make any sense”
Then Kurt/Chris answers

 exposes some of Blaine’s biggest fears.
But I also feel as though it can be exposing one of Darren’s Greatest fears

so much changed for them when placed under the restraints of “other’s contractual rules” 
Chris had to make some decisions about his life and how he was going to live it - he has become strong, confident and successful in so many ways (books, film, scripts)
Meanwhile, I feel like Darren, although successful in his own ways, suffocates under the strain of the rules upon him and struggles
But he knows that Chris could call it - and is quite possibly shocked that he hasn’t.
The way Darren’s voice constricts to just a whisper on the “I don’t love him anymore”
It’s so painfully honest and scathingly raw.

Chris eye’s take on a steel unblinking stare - he is so focused and clear in his intention and unspoken emotion. He literally drives the point from his heart to Darren’s with his unwavering gaze

Those that try to pit Chris and Darren against one another

Remember Chris’ PCA speech earlier this year:
"There’s no way that I deserve this any more than the actors in this category. Most of whom I’ve been paid to make out with at one point."
And then there is Lea’s scene with Amber

Glee may not be a documentary by definition - but it is walking the very thin line of art mimicking life.

What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

Blood Moon eclipse. Next time I’m going to rent a longer lens.

Darren Criss:
Criss Colfer (Credit: